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Your Friends of the Smithsonian membership increases the impact of all of the Smithsonian’s programs — its unmatched collections, innovative research, and commitment to education. You’ll also receive an array of valuable benefits, such as:

  • Smithsonian magazine
  • Discounts at Smithsonian museum stores, in the Smithsonian Catalog, and at
  • A Smithsonian calendar and more!

Explore the complete set of membership benefits.

To join or renew your Friends of the Smithsonian membership, simply sign up at the Scholar Member level or at an enhanced level that brings you more benefits.

After 45 years of providing critical direct support to the Smithsonian, Contributing Membership has changed its name to Friends of the Smithsonian. This significant change, launched in response to valuable feedback from loyal members, is designed to underscore the essential relationship you have with the Smithsonian and to offer you the very best membership experience.

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Smithsonian Magazine
Smithsonian Engagement Calendar 2012
Discounts at Smithsonian Stores